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Repairing Bad Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) Procedures

Hair Train can help customers with repairs of bad SMP procedures.

Hair Train Can Repair A Scalp Micropigmentation Procedure That Was Poorly Done

Looking back on the past couple of years we have seen a big increase in the number of badly trained cosmetic and permanent makeup technicians, hair transplant surgeons and tattooists are trying to get into this arena.

Inexperienced practitioners are experimenting with their clients like crash test dummies with results that are horrific. Don’t let this problem happen to you.

Repairing Bad SMP Procedures

What Makes for a Bad SMP Procedure?

Technicians and providers with not enough experience make all sorts of errors, there are two serious mistakes that turn up over and over.

Common errors and problems are due to using the wrong penetration depth and the wrong pigments applied to the scalp.

Most all of these inexperienced companies have the same problem they try to base their version of SMP on the technique that tattoo artist use or a permanent makeup technique. They go out and purchase permanent makeup pigment or tattoo ink, and use the same process to apply this on their experimental client.

Does it work? NO. Why? Because these pigments made up of may constituent colors like green purple and blue.

These colors at first will look good, after 3 weeks your head will soften and the colors will change. Undertones will begin to show and your head will be blue looking.

Dot size can be another problem issue. If the ink is deposited in too deeply, which is common in all inexperienced technicians, your head will end up with huge dots. Polka dotted heads walk into our offices all the time. These type of mistakes conducted by inexperienced vendors only hurt the SMP industry.



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