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Scalp Micropigmentation for Men

Learn about the benefits for men using scalp micropigmentation.

Scalp Micropigmentation for Men

Without a doubt, scalp micropigmentation is the right solution globally for male patterned hair loss, baldness, androgenetic alopecia, and diffuse thinning. Word it the way you want diffuse thinning, androgenetic alopecia, male pattern baldness. The end result is hair loss and it is time you and I do something to conceal it.

The Hair Train Technique might be the answer you have been looking for!

Scalp micropigmentation for men.

Are you considering other options like hair systems, concealers or men’s hair restoration surgery?

You should take a moment and think. Why worry for the rest of your life if your transplant will hold up, or when you will have to pay for the next one? Who wants to glue- or shake-on a temporary cover-up solution?

The micropigmentation process is a modern and stylish look with none of the draw backs of these repetitive options.

How do men want to look?

With our procedure the best part is that you have the choice of the desired outcome. Whatever you want during consultation. We ask how dense of an appearance you want for your hair. The overall darkness you are looking for. Our certified technicians are upfront and honest with whether your desires are achievable.

➢ The Hair Train way is honesty and integrity.

Completed SMP Procedures for Men

We deliver the world’s most advanced Scalp micropigmentation process!

SMP has progressed since primitive techniques in 2008. Scalp Aesthetics continues to experiment and develop pigments, needles, machines and the newest techniques.

Because of this the Hair Train Technique is the most advanced form of SMP existing to date.

What this mean to you? When you are at Hair Train, expect realistic results, less fading of your process, the biggest selection of hairline styles from edge-up to natural, and the highest quality in after care and service.



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