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Why Hair Train: Scalp Treatment Center For Hair Loss

Learn more about state-of-the-art scalp treatments and hair loss solutions.

World Class Service, delivered by the World’s Largest Scalp Micropigmentation Company

Hair Train, 2121 S Oneida St, #314, Denver, CO 80224 – See Office Photos

The furnishings in our treatment centers are welcoming, and comfortable. Hair Train will cater to your wants, and our highly trained technician is a member of the elite.

Our clients are always treated with professionalism and courtesy, confidentiality and compassion come first. We never put profit before our clients. This type of commitment is expected by our clients, we are proud of the standard of service we deliver at Hair Train.

We believe that SMP is the world’s only solution for hair loss in males.

You can call it the way you see it androgenetic alopecia, diffuse thinning, male pattern baldness, the truth is you are losing your hair and let’s do something to today.

When you are at Hair Train you will be treated as important guest all the time. We will do everything possible to make your experience enjoyable, life changing and positive.

Look no further a visit to Hair Train is the answer for you!

Stop for a moment and reconsider the other options like hair systems, concealers or hair restoration surgery.

You don’t need a lifetime of worrying if your transplant will deteriorate to the point that it is noticeable to you and others or how long you will have to save money to renew it.

Stop relying on temporary cover ups that you have to shake or glue to your scalp. SMP offers a modern stylish look without the negatives of other procedures.

Best Hair Replacement Service and Scalp Treatment Center – delivered by the best SMP company in the world!

When you arrive at Hair Train you will see how different we do things.

We are a representative of the world’s largest SMP organization for hair loss solutions, while treating over 20,000 clients we now have a process customized from beginning to end to give the ultimate scalp micropigmentation experience.

Scalp Treatment Center for Hair Loss.



2121 S. Oneida St, #314

Denver, CO 80224


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