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SMP Hair Touch-Up Procedures

Hair Train helps customers needing hair touch-up procedures or treatments.

Need a Hair Touch-Up Procedure?

For those who have already had SMP, either with another provider or Hair Train, sometime in the future you may need a touch-up session to renew or modify the look of your hair.

Your SMP Has Faded Since Your Last Visit

On average every four to six years the Hair Train client will need a touch-up procedure and there are a number of reasons why.

Sun exposure, maintenance regimen and lifestyle. Our inks tend to fade slower than other competitor inks.

During your treatment life cycle fading is normal and should be expected. You may have noticed your hair is no longer looking as good. Let us recreate the look you had after your first procedure, or how about a complete change. You tell us what you want and we will accommodate.

SMP Hair Touch-Up Procedure

Get An SMP Refresh or SMP New Look

  • How about a more conservative or broken hairline?
  • Correction of fading?
  • Want to go darker?
  • Do you want additional density?

At whatever vendor or company your original procedure was done, we will improve, alter or refresh to the look of your choosing.

Let Hair Train know your preferences and we’ll discuss them and will make your change no problem.



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