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Hair Train Lifetime Guarantee

Read about the lifetime guarantee that Hair Train offers.

Hair Train Lifetime Guarantee

Our initial guarantee period is 12 months after the first procedure date.

Around the world the industry standard guarantee is 60 days or no guarantee at all. Fading of your SMP usually occurs during the first year.

We believe in our treatments and are willing to stand by them.

Our Customers come first.

This Is Our Way of Doing Business Here at Hair Train and It Is Successful!

➢ We work under the umbrella of the most recommended and largest SMP company on the planet and we know what pleases are clients.

➢ When you sign-up with Hair Train we are in this together and we will be there for you for life.

➢ Beyond the first year of your SMP Hair Train will charge only $500.00 for touch-ups.

➢ And if you should relocate you can visit any Scalp Aesthetics location in the world and receive your sessions at 50% of your original SMP cost.

Hair Tattoo Scalp Micropigmentation Denver, CO

Hair Train Confidence

At Hair Train, the word “confidence”, is what we live by.

Through years of research our parent company has created the best and most realistic simulation of hair in the world.

Hair Train wants to keep your hair styled and looking good.

We don’t want you to go to anyone else a few years down the road for your upkeep sessions. We make our guarantee so good so that you will come back to Hair Train.

This guarantee is from Hair Train and from me Cid Henley so that you will not have to worry about who will do your next touch-up.

I want you to live with knowing your touch-up if needed, will be totally affordable and you can finance your $500.00 procedure with your good credit.

Balding Hairline Hair Tattoo Lifetime Guarantee



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